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"Soulbuddy is a valuable tool that is created from powerful and scientifically proved techniques that I use myself, both private and professionally in my work with children."

Dr Martin Nilsson


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SoulBuddy presented on Swedish news channel, Tv4. Watch it here >>

Yasuragi Kids 2013, Hasseludden, Stockholm



Föräldrar och barn nr 4/2013


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Press release

SoulBuddy - relaxation and help to meet the difficulties of everyday life is now available as an app for children and teenagers.

Welcome to SoulBuddy, an app that we have created in order to help children and teenagers relax and

to feel good about themselves. The exercises are created in the spirit of Mindfulness and Nonviolent

Communication (NVC).

SoulBuddy is for children and teenagers but also adults can benefit from it. The app contains 13 different

guided exercises and relaxing waves and soft music. The exercises are designed with inspiration from

​Nonviolent Communication (NVC), a communication model that facilitates dialogue and human

relations, and mindfulness, which is a way to reduce stress and to increase being in the present moment.

The app was developed by Sophie Lööf, owner and vice president of the family business Nordfas Invest

AB, and Ola Tornberg, coach and consultant in communications and conflict management. To support,

they have also had Martin Nilsson, doctor and psychotherapist.

- SoulBuddy contains valuable and scientifically proven tools that I use both privately and in my work

with children and teenagers as a psychiatrist and doctor. Since these exercises are designed specifically

for children and teenagers, I feel particularly pleased to be involved in this project that can provide

support and relaxation in a new and easy way, says Martin Nilsson.

The exercises are appropriate for different situations. For example, when you have a test, facing difficult

conversation, before sports performance, when you feel anxiety, school start, when parents’ divorce, help

to go to sleep or simply to celebrate something you are happy about. Each exercise takes between five and

ten minutes and ends with music or sound of waves so you can relax a bit longer if you feel like it.

Sophie Lööf use self-relaxation exercises for several years. She was on sick leave because of burnout and

exercises like SoulBuddy was her way to unwind and feel better. Ola Tornberg has been using empathic

communication both with other people and organizations to understand the motivation behind their

actions. It´s a powerfull tool to getting to know yourself on a deeper level.

- Many children and teenagers have stressful lives today. We hope that SoulBuddy will give youngsters

opportunities to learn ways to deal with both joy and difficulties that life consists of. By early

finding routines for relaxation and learn to manage their feelings and needs, so does the chance to create

meaningful relationships and inspiration in life, says Ola Tornberg and Sophie Lööf.

Soul Buddy app is available for both Iphone and Android and costs USD 1.99. More information is

available at You can also listen and download one of the exercises for free on

the SoulBuddy website.

The app SoulBuddy is a result of Sophie Lööf entrepreneurial spirit, something she has received attention

from in various competitions . She was one of the nominees for the Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012 in the

region of Svealand in Sweden and also nominated for the year's most enterprising person in Skaraborg of

Swedish Enterprise Challenge 2012.


2013-11-04 The name for our mascot is Hope!

Congrats to Nigel Thompson, UK who wins the headphones.

2013-09-29 Our new mascot needs a name!

Send us your suggestion before october 31 and you can win a pair of headphones from Urbanears. >>


2013-06-12 SoulBuddy at Yasuragi kids this summer!

Between the 17/6-20/8 you can enjoy SoulBuddy at Hasseludden thanks to our new collaboration.

Read more about this at >>


2013-04-25 New FREE lite version! >>

2013-02-21 SoulBuddy presented on Swedish news channel, Tv4. Watch it here >>

2012-12-28 Do you also want to become a Soulbuddy?

Contact us if you want to know more about talks, workshops and more for schools, organisations and businesses. >>

2012-11-20 Soulbuddy in progress.

The recording and design is now finished and we´re hoping to release the app in the middle of February at both App store and Google Play.



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