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"Soulbuddy is a valuable tool that is created from powerful and scientifically proved techniques that I use myself, both private and professionally in my work with children."

Dr Martin Nilsson


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Soulbuddy stories

"Let´s do this every friday!"

Spontaneous reaction from a boy in fith grade who tried the app.

"Victor arrived from school today full of enthusiasm about what he did today with Soulbuddy. It seems like it awakened joy and inspiration. He asked to get it for his smartphone and uses it to relax which he enjoys a lot."


"This app is really right in time! Our kids are becoming more and more stressed by competition in school and in other activities. Thanks to this app my kids can have some time for themselves to experience their thoughts and feelings. I give SoulBuddy five stars and highly recommend it for all the young people out there"

Mother of two

"My son, ten years old, is often having troubles going to sleep. He´s also worried about going to school which makes sunday nights especially hard for him. I downloaded SoulBuddy and we listened to the short "Gratitude practise/relaxation and Sleep exercise".

In both exercises you are guided to think about something that you are happy with, something that makes you feel good about yourself.

My son, who by this time had managed to "talk himself down" and felt bad about himself, started to feel better and said, "Mum, I´m proud of winning in Zelda". It ended with a hug before he closed his eyes and fell asleep. I was very happy about how it turned out. Both to know that he went to sleep feeling good about himself and that I got to hug him and be there for him. Before, when he was feeling low, he couldn´t accept the hug because he thought he wasn´t "worthy" of it.

We use the app from time to time. Sometimes I talk to him in the same way as in the exercise. He tells me he talks to himself in the same way sometimes also.

It´s good to have a tool to reconnect when things have been difficult, especially before going to bed, when we´re both tired and that´s when it can go really wrong."

Maria S

"We really like SoulBuddy and the app has been very helpful for our twelve year old son. Mainly when having troubles going to sleep, but also when having panic attacks. Marc is seeing a specialist and we told her about the app too. With all the stress and pressure from todays society, SoulBuddy is really needed."

Mamma till Marc, 12 år från Canada


2013-11-04 The name for our mascot is Hope!

Congrats to Nigel Thompson, UK who wins the headphones.

2013-09-29 Our new mascot needs a name!

Send us your suggestion before october 31 and you can win a pair of headphones from Urbanears. >>


2013-06-12 SoulBuddy at Yasuragi kids this summer!

Between the 17/6-20/8 you can enjoy SoulBuddy at Hasseludden thanks to our new collaboration.

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2013-04-25 New FREE lite version! >>

2013-02-21 SoulBuddy presented on Swedish news channel, Tv4. Watch it here >>

2012-12-28 Do you also want to become a Soulbuddy?

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2012-11-20 Soulbuddy in progress.

The recording and design is now finished and we´re hoping to release the app in the middle of February at both App store and Google Play.



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