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"Soulbuddy is a valuable tool that is created from powerful and scientifically proved techniques that I use myself, both private and professionally in my work with children."

Dr Martin Nilsson


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The two of us started this project because we want to contribute to the wellbeing of kids in a world that is full of challenges. We hope to spread it to as many people as possible and that it can be helpfull for both young and old to deal with what is going on inside of them. By doing this we hope to contribute to spreading more empathy and connection in the society.

Ola Tornberg

I started exploring different techniques for relaxing and improving my mental strength already in my early teens in order to become a better golfplayer. I also tried 

different martial arts, yoga and meditation.

After finishing my professional golfing career I spent some time studying different areas in personal development and coaching but also Buddhism and Nonviolent Communication has been very important to me.

The last couple of years I have tried to learn more about communication and conflictresolution/mediation and today I help people to hear each other both in their private and professional lives.

The exercises in SoulBuddy are created with inspiration from techinques that have helped me personally and people that I work with. I´m happy and gratefull for being part of this project that can help especially young people to be met with empathy, respect and care. This makes my life more meaningfull and rich.

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Sophie Lööf

I am a single mom with two daughters, living in Mariestad, Sweden. I´m the the third generation Lööf in 

the familly owned company Partex Marking Systems, 

which I own together with my dad. We also run Nordfas Invest which has contributed financially to the Soulbuddy project.

Health and wellbeing is important for me, as a private person as well as when I run our company. 

To be involved in SoulBuddy, which I hope can contribute to the wellbeing of many people, is inspiring and meangfull for me.

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2013-11-04 The name for our mascot is Hope!

Congrats to Nigel Thompson, UK who wins the headphones.

2013-09-29 Our new mascot needs a name!

Send us your suggestion before october 31 and you can win a pair of headphones from Urbanears. >>


2013-06-12 SoulBuddy at Yasuragi kids this summer!

Between the 17/6-20/8 you can enjoy SoulBuddy at Hasseludden thanks to our new collaboration.

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2013-04-25 New FREE lite version! >>

2013-02-21 SoulBuddy presented on Swedish news channel, Tv4. Watch it here >>

2012-12-28 Do you also want to become a Soulbuddy?

Contact us if you want to know more about talks, workshops and more for schools, organisations and businesses. >>

2012-11-20 Soulbuddy in progress.

The recording and design is now finished and we´re hoping to release the app in the middle of February at both App store and Google Play.



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